SubAp! Issue #1

The “scene” doesn’t need to be saved. It’s happening all around you, right now as you read this.

Some of the best young bands are playing a Fowler Ave. bookstore. There are countless more pulling up to houses and warehouses, building communities one show at a time. Lyrics float in the minds of countless emcees and bands write songs for the sake of wanting to play music with friends. DJs still use turntables, and yes, producers are creating soundscapes from samples and all the instruments they’re good at, but want to play better. A chef is doing everything he or she can to push the envelope of flavor and add another wrinkle to the way the world feeds itself. The best promoters aren’t trying to wring every last dollar out of the acts they book, and venue owners fight to keep doors open. Artists wonder whether or not what they’re producing is their best work, photographers are agonizing over light & angles, and writers are up all night futilely using language to effectively share feelings and experiences with readers.

We’re all looking for something we don’t know we’ll ever find, but we feel it in fleeting moments of contentment. It’s not perfect; we talk shit, get bitter & jealous about the meaningless (and meaningful), miss stories, and write shitty songs. There’s a lot of self-doubt and wanting to give up. A lot of us do. The rest of us go down trying. Along the way, our relationships crumble and flourish because of passions we can’t ignore. You don’t love your loved ones less, you just can’t give up on this thing that tells you to stay up late working on a project or stay out at night taking it all in here in the real world (that’s newsprint on your fingers, you know).

It’s why we’re broke. And it’s why be breakup. It’s why we’re here, too — and at least we figured that out. This magazine isn’t here to save a scene. It’s here to participate in it and then kiss, hug, and make friends with all the people who want to do the same thing. We’re going to make bad decisions. We hope you’re with us, and we hope you help us along the way.

– Ray Roa


SubAp! Issue #1 Table of Contents

(For the Interwebs)

• True Believers : Have Gun Will Travel

Arielle Stevenson Interviews the Band on the Cusp of Their Upcoming Album Release.

•  Alexander & The Grapes

Trevor Erickson talks to Ray’s favorite band.

• The Heights – Weird. In Bloom

For now, you can know this: things are as they should be in The Heights. Weird. In bloom.

• Goodbye, FOREVER:

REAX Retrospective

This is where we try to do a worthwhile retrospective on REAX music.

• Pound & A Bear Hug: New Works by Bask & Tes One

Picture Preview & Updates and Exclusive Content Leading Up to the Show

• Pale Horse Lucha

The Artist Gives Us a Look Under the Hood on His New Show on May 5th.

• SubAp! Hearsay

This Stuff Happened While You Were Sleeping

• SubAp! X Hyde Out Mural Project

Installment One – Pep Rally Inc. (Josh Pearson & Jay Giroux).  Get constant updates on the project here too!

• SubAp! Domestic Goods: Tim Ogden

Mr. Ressler Sits Down with Tampa Brewer to talk Suds and Bands



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